Time out in Melbourne

Time out in Melbourne

Published Sep 21 '14 12:25 am • by Betty

I took some time off from making wind chimes last week to stay with my adult children in Melbourne and had a great time going to the Botanic Gardens, the Melbourne Museum, shops, cafes and restaurants and best of all, the Ian Potter Centre at Federation Square where I visited the Nostalgia for Obsolete Futures Exhibition.  Dr Wade Marynowsky is an anti-disciplinary artist who works across robotics, immersive and interactive installation, performance, music and video. His practice typically draws on technology and programmed structures to create works that straddle humour, high-camp and a host of unnerving thematic orientations to absorbing effect.  Loved it - very whimsical and full of humour - if you like wacky it's well worth a look.

My favourite exhibits included the giant timber remote controls, beautifully dressed headless, talking and spinning robots and the interactive guitar spinning wheel which strummed notes when spun and had a mirror guitar rather than a mirror ball suspended overhead.










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