David Bowie Is

David Bowie Is

Published Jan 26 '16 11:59 pm • by Betty

I was never a huge fan of David Bowie, my main exposure to him being from watching Top of the Pops in London in the late 70s in the "glam rock" era, or as John Lennon so aptly described it, "rock and roll with lipstick on".

When I last visited Melbourne in October 2015 I stumbled on the "David Bowie Is" exhibition and decided to take a look.  Little did I know at the time that Bowie would not be with us for much longer.  I knew about the length but had no idea of the breadth of his experience, which covered music, mime, drama, film, costume design, theatre production and many more facets of creative endeavours.  Having lived in the UK all through the 1980s, I was unfamiliar with his time in Sydney through owning property there and his long relationship with Australia, the outback and it's people.

For such a public persona he managed his illness and death with privacy and dignity and his video rendition of "Lazarus" on his final album "Blackstar" in my opinion was a quite brilliant piece of performance art about his impending demise.  If you ever get the chance please visit this exhibition.  



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